Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Elegant And Stand Out

Eye makeup is one of the keys for successful decking up of any woman. However, eye makeup is not about pouring all the probable eye cosmetics all over your eyes. For correct and accurate eye makeup, you need to ensure that you apply your eye makeup in the right order and pattern. To make your eye makeup challenges be successful from the next time on.Here are some tips to make your eyes look elegant and stand out.

Tips to make your eyes look elegant and stand out are:

1.To Plump Your Eyelashes: So what all do you do to plump your eyelashes? There are two ways of doing it during makeup:Apply two different branded yet same coloured mascaras - one on the other. Apply the first coat, let it dry completely and then, apply the second coat of the next poach of mascara.If you have only one kind of a mascara, just dust it with some translucent powder after applying it.

2.Re-Defining The Eyebrows: Often, women are confused on how to define their eyebrows. The right method is, draw the outline with an eyebrow pencil first. The eyebrow pencil you use for doing the shape should be one shade lesser than your natural colour. Once the outline is drawn, do the filling up of the eyebrows with a brow powder using a thin, strong angled brush.

3.Key To Eye Popping: The key to this is using a white eye pencil along the lower line of the eye. Use the white eye pencil to draw a thick line on the low water line or the rim of your eyes. This is the key hack that can make your eye pop out from the rest of the face.

4.Hack Before Mascara: To make your eyelash look long and shaped, mascara is not the only way. You must use an eyelash curler before. The eyelash curler should be twisted on your lashes from the inside rim to outside twice before applying a mascara. Ensure you only hold the eyelash to do the curling and not the skin of the eyes.

5.Mapping The Eyeliners: Ideal and good eye makeup consists of two eyeliners - one on the upper rim and one on the lower rim. If your eyes are naturally extra popped and you want to conceal it, then connect the liners at the end. How you end the liner at the end of your eyes determines on your final look of the makeup.

6.Eye Makeup Twist To Highlight The Face: To brighten your entire face after the makeup, foundation alone can not do the business. Eye makeup also contributes to highlighting the face. Add a shimmery champagne colour to the inner corner of your eyes, during your eye makeup, and this will highlight your face. The right shade of shimmery champagne colour, if blended rightly at the inner corners of the eyes, can make a big difference.

7.Managing The Under-eye Problems: Many women battle with under-eye problems and if you also do, then do not worry. There exist hacks to manage your under-eye problem with the right eye makeup. You have to apply foundation and then a concealer on your under eye to camouflage the puffiness or dark circle problem. If you rely on a foundation or concealer alone, then the overall look might be messed.

These are the tips to make your eyes look elegant and stand out.