Tips To Try For Extremely Damaged Hair

Hair damage can happen for many reasons, be it heat styling, or lack of care for the hair. So we will give you some tips if you have really damaged hair. Damage tends to be mostly seen at the ends of the hair, because the natural oils from your scalp often don't reach the ends. This is why it is best to avoid putting too much shampoo on the ends of your hair, because they are already very dry.Here are some tips to try for extremely damaged hair.

1.Conditioning: When you condition your hair, make sure you focus on the ends. If you condition the entire length of your hair, it may make your hair too greasy or weigh your hair down. Conditioning is a must, every time you shampoo, to ensure damage-free hair.

2.Shampoo: Before you shampoo your hair, make sure you comb your hair, to get rid of all tangles. And when shampooing, focus only on the top of your hair, and not the ends.

3.Trims: Get regular trims done to get rid of the dead and damaged ends of your hair. If there is too much damage at the ends, it can actually prevent your hair from growing.

4.Hot Oil Massage: This is the easiest thing to do when you have damaged hair. Warm up your favourite oil, like coconut oil or almond oil and use this to massage your scalp. This increases blood circulation in the scalp promoting healthier, shinier hair to grow.

5.Hair Spa At Home: Do an at home hair spa. It would save you a lot of money and time and make your hair seem less damaged in no time at all.

These are the tips to try for extremely damaged hair.