Ways to Use Ice Cubes on Your Face


1. It increases the blood circulation

If a person rubs ice cube on face, it increases the blood circulation. That in turn is effective to prevent normal signs of aging. Rub an ice cube on your face for a minute, there will be a natural glow on the face. Follow the regime at least twice in a week.

2. It helps to clear acne

Rubbing an ice cube on the acne-affected area reduces the acne condition. This should be done continuously. Rub ice cubes on the acne for about one or two minutes. If the area gets numb, wait for a minute, and then start again. By following this method, one can get rid of acne in two days. But, keep in mind your skin suitability before using this method.

3. It helps to relieve sunburn

An ice cube can help to relieve the condition of sunburn. Put two or three ice cubes in a cotton cloth and rub it on the affected area. Do this for about two to three minutes. It relieves the itching caused by the condition.

4.It can be used before makeup

Do not get amazed reading this. Ice cubes if rubbed before applying the makeup helps the makeup to stay for long. We bet, you were not aware of this. So, next time before applying your makeup, do rub an ice cube on your face and make your makeup stay longer.

5.It relieves puffy eye condition

Do you suffer from puffy eye condition? Put some ice cubes in cotton cloth and apply it under your eyes. This helps to relieve the swelling.. Ice cubes also relaxes the eyes and can be used for dry eye syndrome as well.

6.It can be used as a frozen mask

Have you ever tried frozen masks for face? Mix a part of cucumber juice with rose water. Then put it in the ice cube box. Let it freeze, then take it out and use it on your face. Frozen mask helps to reduce lines and wrinkles on face. It helps to lighten the skin naturally.