Ways To Get Feminine And Ultra Chic Look With Makeup

Makeup enhances the beauty of a woman and adds a different touch to it. While bright colours like orange, yellow and blue are trending, most of the women stick to the elegant feminine look. Pink makeup adds a special touch to the femininity of a woman. But, very few women can actually try this bright and cute makeup as the colour is best flaunted on white complexion.Here are some ways to get ultra chic look with makeup.

Ways to get ultra chic look with makeup are:

1.Eyes: Bring a change in the eyeshadow colour. Get over the bold yellow, orange, black or blue eyeshadow. Try the chic pink eyeshadow. Start with a concealer to cover up under eye dark circles. After applying the concealer, use an eye base on the upper eyelids and eyebrow bones. Eye base keeps the eye makeup intact and also makes it last long. Use an eyeliner on the upper eyelashes. Draw a thin line on the upper eyelash and take it a little out on the ends. Now, take the pink eyeshadow and apply on your upper eyelid. Spread from the lid to the brow. Brighten the eye makeup with a highlighter. Apply on the brow bone and also on the lower eyelids. Curl the eyelashes with a mascara. You can also highlight your eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil.

2.Cheeks: Rosy cheeks can bring a change on your face. To try the feminine look, use this makeup tip. Start with a foundation. Apply all over your face. Make sure you do not disturb the eye makeup. After that, apply a shimmer on the cheeks and cheekbones with a makeup brush. Now, pick up a pink blush and turn your plain cheeks rosy with this colour. Rosy cheeks adds a different touch to the feminine look. Do not apply too much pink blush. It can draw all the attention towards your cheeks.

3.Lips: Highlight your lips with a gloss. The gloss effect looks attractive and appealing to the eyes. Go for raspberry red or nude pink lip gloss. Do not forget to cover the lip lining with a liner. This makes the lips look well shaped and also prevents the gloss from spreading. Prefer a lip gloss that lasts for more than 4 hours.

These are few makeup tips to look more feminine and ultra-chic. Try this different yet classic look. Carry the makeup with a white or pink coloured outfit. Too much matchy-macthy can draw unnecessary attention. Even if you wear a white outfit, team up the dress with pink accessories. Makeup and accessories will blend with each other.