Ways To Include Rose Gold In Your Makeup

Rose gold is one of the prettiest shades to be discovered of late. From watches to shoes, everything has a bit of rose gold in it. So, we'll tell you how to include rose gold into your makeup.For some people, using too much of gold makeup can either be too plain or too over the top. Going for rose gold can be a softer and prettier option than the everyday brown and gold combination.You can use rose gold anywhere, like your lips or eyes. And the best part is that rose gold would suit people of all skin tones.Here are some ways to include gold in your makeup.

1.Eyeshadow: This is the safest bet to go for if you are just starting out with the rose gold trend. Go for a matte dusty rose shade for your lips when you have this eyeshadow on, as too much shimmer can look a little off.

2.Lipstick: Frost lipsticks are making a comeback! And what better shade to get the frosty lip look than a rose gold? The glitter on the lipstick can be a little drying, so be sure to use a lip balm before putting this on.

3.Blush: Go for a blush with a dusty rose colour, and with tiny flecks of gold shimmer in it, so that it looks good when the light hits your face. That's how to do a rose gold makeup.

4.Lip Gloss: There was a time when lip glosses used to be the "IN" thing. Shouldn't we bring them back again? This rose gold lip gloss shade is the perfect nude, glossy colour for the summers.

5.Nails: This glittery champagne colour makes for the best rose gold nail polish. Keep your nails well shaped and trimmed to get the best out of this nail look.

These are the ways to include rose gold in your makeup.