Ways To Keep Your Lipstick Away From The Teeth

Lipstick is that one beauty product which can instantly brighten your face and give it a pop of colour. Unfortunately, it can also be really messy. We'll share a few tips for you to avoid your lipstick from getting anywhere near your teeth.A lot of people face the problem of having lipstick all over themselves, and lipstick on the teeth is exceptionally disgusting. There are some super easy hacks and tricks to make sure that this doesn't happen at all. These easy hacks on how to avoid lipstick on teeth can be your true saviour.We all love lipsticks and we shouldn't let something as tiny as this impact our decisions to put it on at all. This is a problem that mostly happens with darker shades of lipstick, mostly wine and red shades.

These two types happen to be universal favourites in terms of lip shades, so would you want something this small to keep you from using your favourite lip shade?These hacks for lipstick stains on teeth will make sure that your lipstick not only stay away from your teeth, but also stay intact all day long.

1.Use A Matte Lipstick: Matte lipsticks don't transfer easily. So, it is best to stay away from cream or satin-based lipsticks if you face this problem a lot.

2.Liquid Matte: Liquid matte lipsticks are even better for this problem. These lipsticks go on glossy, but dry matte, and they would just not budge for the entire day.

3.Tissue Trick: Put a tissue paper between your lips to get rid of any lipstick that has gotten inside the rim of your mouth. This prevents the lipstick from staining your teeth.

4.Finger Trick: Insert any finger into your mouth after you apply the lipstick. This helps the residue lipstick to come off on your finger. This is one tip that will help you keep your lipstick off your teeth for sure.

5.Scrub Your Lips: Make sure your lips are smooth and well scrubbed before you apply any lipstick. Rough application can lead to the lipstick bleeding and in turn staining the teeth.

6.Use A Lip Liner: A lip liner can help you draw the boundary of the place where you want the colour to be. This helps the colour stay in place and that is how easy it is to prevent lipstick from staining your teeth.

7.Use A Brush: A lip brush can help with a more precise application and help prevent the lipstick from getting on the inside of the mouth.

These are the ways to keep your lipstick away from teeth.