Ways to Look Younger with Makeup

The whole world is obsessed with looking younger and more youthful. If you have caught on to this idea too, remember that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive and unnatural procedures. If used in the right way, makeup can take off many years from someone’s age. Check out a few tips that you can use to cut back the years from your face and look younger.

1.Accentuate your eyes with mascara

If you think that mascara works only as a good accompaniment to eye shadow, you may be undermining the role that it plays. It helps in perking up the eyes. Whether or not you are a fan of heavy eye makeup, applying some mascara and curling up your lashes a bit can add freshness to your eyes and your overall look.

2.Highlight your cheeks

Sagging skin under the eyes towards the cheekbones is one of the first indications of aging. If you look at older Hollywood actresses like Meryl Streep, Dame Judi Dench or Sophia Loren, one of the first things you will notice is a pair of well defined cheekbones. Use a nude shade liquid highlighter or light blush to accentuate and highlight your cheekbones.

3.Tan or bronze your feet or hands depending on the length of your dresses

Who said that makeup is only used on the face? Women who want to look younger with tactful use of makeup, can choose to bronze or apply fake tan on their legs or arms. As you grow older, wearing skin exposing short dresses can become embarrassing as spider veins, skin wrinkles and fat deposits begin to appear. Fake tan or light dab of bronzer has the potential of adding volume or hiding imperfections if used in the right way at the right places.

4.Wear a full coverage nude foundation

No matter how much makeup you apply, it maybe absolutely useless without a full coverage nude foundation if the makeup does not last. Foundation fills the gaps in the skin and gives it a rejuvenating glow. If you feel adventurous you can also try using foundations that have a little shimmer. Foundation also works wonders for women who like to use minimal makeup and carry a natural look.

5.Use pastel and nude shades for lip colors

Unless you are the 60 plus version of Angelina Jolie or you desperately want to bag a date at a party, avoid wearing dark and crimson shades on your lips. They tend to draw unnecessary attention to wrinkles around lip lines, sagging cheekbones and flawed enamel on teeth. Only a few middle aged women can manage to look suave and ravishing in dark lip shades and if you want to play it safe, stick to pastel or nude lip shades.

6.Use eyebrow highlighters

With age, brows could experiences varying levels and shades of hair growth. If this sounds familiar, use an eyebrow highlighter to define your brows. You want your eyebrows to look dark or light depends on your personal taste, but the whole point of adding definition is to negate the obvious signs of ageing. Even the slightest amount of definition can take away several years.