Ways to Prevent Shoe Bite

1. Apply oil

Apply Castor oil or coconut oil to the places which tend to hurt of your new shoes . This helps to make the shoes soft; it can also be applied on leather shoes. Wear it after two or three days, there will not be any problem related to getting a shoe bite. This is the most safest and natural way to avoid a shoe bite.

2. Apply Jelly or potato juice

Apply natural petroleum jelly to the areas of your shoes which cause shoe bite. Leave it for about two to three hours; clean it with cotton before wearing them. Similarly, raw potato juice can be applied inside the shoes. Apply it on the heel area, this helps to make the shoe soft from within.

3. Apply powder

Apply talcum powder or a cream every time you wear a new shoe. This may help to relieve the itchiness, which is caused by a new shoe. Cream helps to protect your toes from the roughness of new shoes.

4. Wear a band-aid or peds

Many women wear a band-aid, before wearing a new shoe. One can even wear skin colored peds to avoid a shoe bite. Peds are comfortable; it avoids irritation of the skin. One can even avoid skin blisters caused by wearing new shoes.

5. Choose comfortable shoes

Many of us tend to buy shoes looking at their design and fashion. But, comfort plays an important part. If the shoes are not comfortable, then they are bound to hurt. So, next time while buying a pair of footwear, look for the right size and comfort. One can avoid a shoe bite by keeping this in mind

6. Apply homemade paste of rice and water

If you get a shoe bite, then apply a paste of raw rice and water. Grind the rice and add water to make a paste. Apply it on the affected area, and then wash it off. This will provide immediate relief

7. Rub wax

Apply candle wax to the areas of the shoe that are causing shoe bite. Wax will soften the area which in-turn will prevent you from getting a shoe bite.