Ways To Style Your Curls

Curly hair is so much prettier. However, when curly hair is carelessly tied into a bun, it can look really messy. There are different hairstyles for all you pretty chics with beautiful curls. Here’s a list of 7 ways to style your curls.

1.Wriggle curls

Wriggle your curls to get the best hairstyle for your locks. Remember how popular it became after Taylor Swift wore them beautifully on her hair! It is a great hair style to wear for a party, to work or even to school. The great thing about wriggled curls is that it suits almost any face cut.

2.Let it loose

Who said that curly hair cannot be left loose? You definitely can. If you feel that it will get spoilt, use some styling gel and hair spray to keep it in place. You can work on frizzy and dry hair by using a good conditioner. You can leave it loose by wearing a single side clip to hold your bangs or wear a headband.

3.Braid it

Braids are beautiful. They look like beautiful artwork done on your scalp. The best thing about them is that they look great even when you are having a bad hair day. You can tie your hair into a single braid or a number of them. They are absolutely classic and suit everybody.

4. Wrap it into a French twist

The French twist is as beautiful as a braid. To add to that, it doesn’t even rest on your neck making you feel uneasy! Let some curls lose out of the main French twist and fall along the crown area. Elegant and classy as it seems, it won’t hurt to wear a French twist daily on your head.

5. Roll it into a Ballerina bun

If you don’t like your hair falling on your face, you can always tie it up into a classic updo. We’re talking about Cinderella’s hairstyle. It looks beautiful and elegant when paired with ballroom gowns. Wear it on casuals, and you’ll get this peppy and sassy look.