What Are Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes, as the name suggests, are a pair of false eyelashes that contains tiny magnets to help them stick together. You don't need glue to stick them to your lashes. These are easy to apply, use and take off. Each lash basically contains two lashes, one upper lash and one lower lash that we use to sandwich our natural eyelashes and thus leaving us with long and fluttery eyelashes.They hold together because of the tiny magnets that are added along the strip of the lashes, both upper and lower and thus you don't need anything else to hold them together. The magnets do all the work for you.

How To Wear Magnetic Eyelashes 

Applying magnetic lashes is not very complicated, but it will need some practice to perfect it. All magnetic lashes come with their own set of instructions that you need to follow. But, it is more or less the same process. As said above, each magnetic lash is a pair of two and you need to separate those for application. So, here is how you wear magnetic eyelashes. 

Clip the lashes as per the length of your lash line. 

Apply a nice coat of mascara to your natural eyelashes. 

Take the upper magnetic lash, hold it against your upper lash line. 

Now, take the lower magnetic lash and place it under you lash. 

Both the lashes will stick together, thanks to the magnet and you're done. 

Well, magnetic lashes might take you some time to perfect and get used to, but it is worth it in the end.They don't create much fuss and are pretty easy to remove as well, you just need to pull them off lightly. So, if you don't get it in the first go, don't lose heart. You'll get it eventually and would be relieved that you did.