Kawasaki is geared up for 2013

Looks like Kawasaki is all set to impress with the addition of two bikes, Ninja 300R and 400R, in its lineup for the next year. Both the additions are being targeted at entry level buyers in the motorcycle market in US and several other international markets. The speculations about these two models have generated quite a lot of interest among enthusiasts. And though the market is rife with rumors about their launch, we haven’t been able to score information about their styling and design. But that won’t keep us from divulging the much more important technical details. Kawasaki 300R and Kawasaki 400R employ the fuel injection feature which makes it much more powerful than Kawasaki 250R, which has been its bestseller till date. Focusing on the aforementioned bikes, Kawasaki 300R delivers better in comparison to its sibling launch.

Configured to deliver 39bhp of power at 11,000rpm, it scores over the 400R due to its comparatively lower deliverance of 43bhp at 9,500rpm. The other interesting development amidst the rumored addition of two new bikes is the fact that Ninja 250R failed to score a place in the EPA 2013 chart. This may possibly imply that 300R is all set to replace 250R in US and in other markets in the future. Given the fact that Kawasaki has a renovated version of 250R under its sleeves, spruced up with an addition of amazing features, it is safe to say that Kawasaki is ready to play ‘game-changer’ in the the entry level sports-bike segment.

Going by the figures, it is expected that will play the role of a hardcore sports-bike, whereas may be designated as the re-sized version of Ninja 650R. Long story short, Kawasaki has its eyes set on the class of buyers that are looking for a blend of performance, fuel economy, and affordability. And with Kawasaki 300R and 400R, they are ready to face up to the challenge posed by KTM Duke 350/390, slated to be launched around the same time.