Petrol, diesel prices touch new highs

New Delhi: Fuel prices reached a record high on Wednesday after the petrol price was hiked by up to 70 paise and diesel by up to 27 paise. 

In Delhi, petrol now costs Rs 87.60 per litre, while diesel is Rs 77.73 per litre. In Mumbai, the petrol price is nearing Rs 95 per litre mark.

Petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 94.12 per litre, while diesel price now stands at Rs 84.63 per litre.

In Bengaluru, petrol now costs Rs 90.53 per litre after a 70 paise hike, diesel price stands at Rs 82.40 per litre.

In Thiruvananthapuram, diesel is at Rs 83.60 per litre and for petrol, it is Rs 89.48. In Kochi, petrol and diesel prices are at Rs 87.66 and Rs 81.90 respectively.

In rural areas, the petrol price has crossed Rs 90. Asianet Online