India's WPI inflation rises to 2.03% in January


New Delhi: The wholesale price-based inflation rose to a 11-month-high at 2.03% in January, as compared to 1.22% in December, showed data released by the government on Monday, mainly due to an increase in the prices of manufactured goods.

The WPI inflation, an indicator of prices in the wholesale market, for January 2020 was 3.52%.

This is the highest level of WPI inflation since February last year when the figure was 2.26%.

The rate of inflation based on WPI Food Index decreased from 0.92% in December to -0.26% in January. For manufactured products, the inflation rose to 5.13% in January, as compared to 4.24% in December.

The index for the fuel and power group contracted by 4.78%, as against a reduction of 8.72% in December. Asianet Online