Actor Satish Shah Reveals He Had The Coronavirus

New Delhi: Actor Satish Shah, 69, recently revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19 last month and is doing fine now, reported Mumbai Mirror.

Quoting the Sarabhai vs Sarabhai actor, the publication reported that Satish Shah got admitted to the hospital on July 20 after his COVID-19 diagnosis, discharged on July 28, and August 11 is the last day of his quarantine period: "I am absolutely well now. As per protocol, I have to quarantine myself till August 11. I had developed fever which I suppressed by taking medicines. But then I was asked to get myself tested and the result turned out to be positive. I got admitted to the hospital immediately." In a tweet from what appears to be his unverified Twitter account, Satish Shah revealed he was admitted to Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital.

Talking about getting admitted to the hospital, Satish Shah added: "I would advise everyone to do that because they monitor you round-the-clock and you can avoid complications. There's nothing to be afraid of," reported Mumbai Mirror.

Sharing his own experience of battling the coronavirus, Mr Shah added: "You should not panic about COVID-19. It only creates complications if you have some health issues. In my case, it was mainly the age factor which made me cautious. But I am fine now by God's grace and would want people to remain positive," reported Mumbai Mirror.

The actor thanked the medical team at the Lilavati Hospital with this tweet: "Lilavati Hospital can't thank the angels in there enough for restoring my health back to normal. God bless you all." Asianet Online