'Adithya Varma' trailer released

The trailer of upcoming film Adithya Varma was released on Monday. The filmmakers also screened its trailer at the audio launch function, which was held in Chennai.


Adithya Varma marks the screen debut of Tamil movie star Vikram’s son Dhruv. And the film faced its share of challenges since it went on the floors last year. The project, which is the official remake of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy, was originally launched with ace-filmmaker Bala at the helm. The producers, however, were not happy with Bala’s take on the film. The producers scrapped the entire film that was shot by Bala and reshot it with a new director and support cast. Dhruv remained the protagonist.

The project was relaunched under the new title Adithya Varma. And Bala was replaced by debutant director Gireesaaya.

Gireesaaya had assisted director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director of Arjun Reddy. Judging from the trailer, the newcomer director seems to have been very loyal to the spirit and the idea of his mentor. Take, for example, Bala had the protagonist play the game of hockey at a college tournament. In the original Telugu film, however, the hero was a college football player. There is also a drastic change in the tone and the style of the movie. The earlier released teaser of Varma had Bala’s trademark soberness and subtlety written all over it. However, going by the trailer of Adithya Varma, Gireesaaya has made a complete crowd-pleaser film, playing up all the drama and emotions. The trailer also ends with the visuals of Dhruv suggestively mixing alcohol in a juice bottle, which is clearly Gireesaaya’s homage to his mentor.