Asif Ali to get a makeover in Arun Kumar Aravind's' Underworld'

Arun Kumar Aravind's next film Underworld will star Asif Ali and Farhaan Faasil. Also joining them are Jean Paul Lal and Mukesh. The four actors will play the male leads. The film is Arun Kumar Aravind's follow-up to Kaattu, which also starred Asif Ali

Samyuktha Menon, Ketaki Narayan and Amalda will be playing the female leads. D14 Entertainments is backing the film. Alex Pulikkal is cranking the camera. Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha Nair are composing the music.

Scriptwriter Shibin Francis says the film can be classified as an "action crime drama thriller". Asif Ali will be sporting a different look. "It's something that both Arun Kumar and Asif haven't done before. It's not a typical hero-villain story. These are not characters with grey shades. It's a mass action film intended for all kinds of audiences, something that promises a good theatre experience." 

The shooting locations are Kochi, Coimbatore, Goa and Mangalore. The makers are planning to start filming sometime after Christmas.

The film is intended as a launch vehicle for Jean Paul. Farhaan also will come in a fresh avatar. Arun Kumar Aravind has previously helmed critically acclaimed films such as Ee Adutha Kaalathu and Left Right Left. In addition to Underworld, Asif has Kakshi: Amminipillai coming up next. Farhaan has appeared in Njan Steve Lopez and Basheerinte Premalekanam