DC superhero film 'Aquaman' released new posters


Warner Bros has released new posters from their upcoming DC superhero film Aquaman. The new posters carry forward the colourful vibe that promotional material regarding this James Wan directorial has already established. Unlike most DC film universe movies, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has a rich, vivid palette.

Earlier DC movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were criticised for having a dour tone, literally and figuratively. The scenes were too dark and matched the nihilistic heroes (Superman and Batman) that Zack Snyder had envisioned. After poor reviews, Warner Bros and DC sought course correction. Wonder Woman was vibrant, for instance. But Aquaman truly feels like a departure.

Based on the comic-book superhero of the same name, Aquaman is about a man born of a human father and an Atlantean mother. He struggles with his identity and feels he does not belong to either of the worlds. The trailers and clips for the movie have inspired confidence. WB’s DC property desperately needs a hit after the dud that was Justice League.