'Disco Raja' new teaser is out


Actor Ravi Teja on Monday shared a new teaser of his upcoming film Disco Raja. In the earlier teaser, we saw a group of scientists trying to do something that was banned by the government. The secret and illegal project was seemingly about creating a superhuman.


The latest teaser, however, is more grounded. It suggests Disco Raja is a typical mass Telugu film. There is a villain who wants to control others by creating an environment of fear. And the protagonist aka Disco Raja (Ravi Teja) feeds off the fears of others. It looks like director Vi Anand has made a film about the ego clash of two megalomaniacs. The new video also throws some light on the plot.

It is safe to assume that the protagonist is an ex-military man who suffers from post-traumatic stress. He is not able to cope with his seemingly peaceful life and silence after the war. He needs some action and deafening sound in his life to feel normal again. Maybe that is the reason why he carries around an old-school stereo and noise-cancelling headphones. Blasting his favourite music in his headphone while slaughtering people seems to be his modus operandi.

National Award-winning actor Bobby Simha has played the main antagonist in Disco Raja. It also marks the comeback of Ravi Teja to the big screen after a gap of over a year.

Disco Raja is set to hit the screens on January 24.