Guilt is a very woman thing: Sakshi Tanwar

Actress Sakshi Tanwar believes it is hard for women to break away from the confines of their domestic life and its responsibility as they are burdened with inherent guilt .

The actress, who features in the short film 'Ghar Ki Murgi', a tribute to selfless homemakers, believes the social conditioning of women stops them from enjoying freedom.

Guilt is a very woman thing. Sometimes this responsibility is not even put upon us we willing take up on us. I am sure, when you will have a chat with your family, they will say, ok, go take a break. But sometimes out of our own guilt we never bring it up, Sakshi told in an interview.

Today in educated homes, the scenario is far more different. Some people understand and respect that the woman is working and there are some men who are sharing the responsibility, she added.

In 'Ghar Ki Murgi', directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Sakshi plays Seema Batra, a homemaker who struggles to find her place in the household as she to fulfils her responsibilities towards her family.

However, the actor said she has had a very different life from what her character has in the short, but she drew a lot of inspiration from her mother while essaying the role.