'Jallikattu' trailer released

The theatrical trailer of Jallikattu was released. And if it is anything to go by, director Lijo Jose Pellissery has outdone himself in putting together a visually exhilarating piece of cinema. The action drama is based on a short story called Maoist, which was penned by S Hareesh, who has also co-written this film with R Jayakumar.


And why is this film named Jallikattu? Pellissery, earlier following the screening of this film at the Toronto International Film Festival, explained, “Jallikattu is the only sporting event in India that involves a beast and a crowd.” Simply put, the film does not deal with the traditional bull-taming competitions that take place in Tamil Nadu. Here the filmmakers are not even dealing with a bull. A rouge buffalo becomes the source of the utter chaos that engulfs a village, blurring the lines between human settlement and forest.

The teaser opens with an inhabitant of the village recalling the days when that place was dominated by wildlife. Even as now humans have overrun the place, it is still a home for animals. “Even when some humans run on two legs, they are still animals,” says the old man.

The premise seems to have given an excuse for Pellissery to stage a series of pulsating action sequences as gradually the psychological space between the men and the beast disappears.

“You know what meat tastes the best in the world?” asks a character played by Sabumon. Intrigued by his question, the other person asks, “What is it?”. “The flesh of a human,” comes the reply from the former with a confidence of a guy who knows what he’s talking about. And then, we see a scene of a stampede as a character is caught in the middle. He is in pain and the image gives the impression that he’s being eaten alive. That is crazy indeed.

Jallikattu will open in cinemas in India on October 4.