K Krishnaswamy wants to change the title 'Thevar Magan 2'


Kamal Haasan announced the sequel to his hit 1992 film Thevar Magan a few week ago but the film has already got tangled in a controversy. On Wednesday, leader of political part Puthiya Thamizhagam, K Krishnaswamy warned Kamal against using the proposed title Thevar Magan 2.

Krishnaswamy stated that Thevar Magan itself had caused a big problem for the members of Devendrakula Vellalar community in 1993. Krishnaswamy addressed a letter to Kamal and posted the same on social media. In the letter, he stated that Kamal should follow his ‘centrist’ political view in naming his films as well. The statement was captioned, “Thevendirar Magana? Magan 2? Mr Kamal Haasan should decide.”

In the statement, he said, “I am sure you wouldn’t have expected a letter such as this from me. A distance has been created between us because of previous title issues (referring to Virumandi). I respect the actor that Kamal Haasan is, however, the title of your movies have previously created differences between castes and I oppose that. Now, you have also stepped into politics as well and even though we stand united as Tamils in the political front, I am sure you have realised the caste based differences that are present in our state.”

He also added, “The first part of the film was released unexpectedly and created issues amongst two factions in our state. Now, we will not allow you to release another film with the same name. The youngsters belonging to Devendrakula Vellalar community are displeased by you. So please do not go through such testing times again. We suggest that you name your film Thevendira Magan and not retain the original title as it is now not too late. Choosing so will only increase your stature and result in respect among the people.”

Krishnaswamy was also one of the main reasons why Haasan’s 2003 film Sandiyar was retitled as Virumandi. He had said then that filmmakers are using caste names as titles of their film and even glorifying these castes particularly. He had even then made an example out of a song in Thevar Magan titled Potri Paaradi Ponne which sings praises about belonging to the land of Thevars.

Haasan had announced that he would be working on Thevar Magan 2 after Indian 2 on a talk show. He had said, “Thevar Magan 2, Indian 2 are the two projects that I am looking forward to next.”

After Vishwaroopam 2, the actor has only signed sequels to his hit films from the 90s. The shoot of Indian 2, which will be directed by Shankar is expected to begin by the end of November. He had earlier said that the film would be released in 2019. The actor had also begun work on the sequel of Dasavatharam, titled Sabash Naidu in 2016, however, there is no word out on the film.