Major Ravi extends his support to Shane Nigam

Filmmaker Major Ravi has extended his support to Shane Nigam, as the actor received threats from 'Veyil' movie producer, Joby George. Recently Shane alleged that he had received threats from Joby George because of his haircut. Shane was shooting for 'Veyil' and after a 16-day schedule, the actor joined the sets of his upcoming movie 'Qurbaani' for which he had to get his hair trimmed. This triggered the producer of 'Veyil', as Joby claimed that the haircut would destroy the continuity of his movie and allegedly threatened Shane Nigam over the phone.

In his complaint to AMMA Association, Shane Nigam has claimed that the haircut was done after it was approved by the makers of both the movies and now he is facing the wrath from producer Joby George.

Supporting Shane Nigam, filmmaker Major Ravi has penned a note on social media. Major Ravi stated that no one should hut the kid (Shane Nigam) and has emphasized that Mollywood should not discourage a hard-working talented artist who is building his space by his own efforts.

Sharing his concern, Major Ravi wrote, "I happened to see a video clip of Shane Nigam, son of late actor Abhi. Whoever has hurt that kid, understand one thing. He is a hardworking actor who is trying to come up at his own...Please don't discourage the upcoming artists who have no one to support... Don't set a bad example of the Malayalam film industry... My full support to Shane ..please don't get disappointed dear...everything will be ..."