#MeToo Movement: Revathy Sampath calls out actor Siddique for sexual harassment

Actress Revathy Sampath became the latest one to join the bandwagon of actresses who have called out people for sexual misconduct. She recently lashed out at veteran actor Siddique alleging him of sexual misconduct during the preview of a movie in 2016.

The actress claimed that she can't stop reliving the incident after watching the press conference that actor Siddique has made the previous year, in which Siddique is raising fingers against the WCC (Women in Cinema Collective) movement. Taking to her social media handle, Revathy revealed that the actor has tried to sexually abuse her at the age of 21. Elaborating further, she added that the incident has left her in trauma, as she was of a very young age then. "He is having a daughter I guess..! Is she safe in his hands, I wonder??", Revathy said. She shared a video, which shows actor Siddique and a senior artist, representing actors association AMMA, responding to the media.

Recollecting the incident, Revathy said that it took place in 2016, in a theatre, in Trivandrum, while she was attending the preview show of the movie, 'Sukhamayirikkatte.' The actress has said that Siddique has made a verbal sexual offering to her and as she was at the age of 21, she was left in depression and despair.

Taking to her social media handle, Revathy wrote, "After watching this video again &again, I couldn't even able to resist myself anymore!!! This Actor Siddique tried to sexually misbehave with me on 2016 in a preview of "Sukhamayirikate" movie at Nila theatre, Trivandrum..! His verbal sexual offerings made me morally down at the age of 21...i still remember the trauma he made to me!!! He is having a daughter I guess..! Is she safe in his hands, I wonder? What will you do if the same thing happens with your daughter, Mr.Siddique? How can a man like him can point fingers against a prestigious &privileged collective WCC. are you deserved yourself Mr.Siddhique?? Think yourself!! Ulupp undo?? Shame on these masks layered, self called gentlemen out there in the film industry..!!