Najeem Arshad deletes his Tiktok account in support of Indian Army

Following India-China clash at Galwan Valley, there has been a large scale outpour of emotions against China and Chinese products in India. Many people, including celebrities, campaigned for boycott of Chinese products.

Singer Najeem Arshad has deleted his Tiktok account, pledging his support for the Indian Army.He shared the message in Facebook, along with screen shot of the confirmation message of the deleted account.

Tiktok is video application that is owned by a Chinese company called Bytedance. The application has been looked at suspiciously around the world over its China links. The recent developments in India has posed a great challenge for Tiktok, especially because it has a large consumer base in India.

There have been several comments on social media, both supporting his stance and ridiculing it.

“We should do whatever we can for our soldiers. This is all I can do by sitting in my home. You should also do it for our soldiers.” Najeem said, replying to a comment. Asianet Online