NCB arrests Paul Bartel, a friend of Arjun Rampal, in a drug-related case

Mumbai: The Norcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested Australian-origin architect Paul Bartel during an investigation into the drugs case in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai. Paul Bartle is a close friend of the drug supporter Agicialos Demetriades and Arjun Pal. Bandra’s house was raided by the NCB on Wednesday night and summoned and called for questioning on Thursday, and arrested him after questioning for about 9 hours.

It was told that in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai, NCB raid last night. After the raid on the house of a person named Pal Greyed, the NCB summoned him and called him for questioning on Friday. Pal Greyed is said to be a close friend of Arjun Rampal. After receiving the summons, Pal Griyad reached the NCB office to record his statement.

The pal Batal’s house, which the NCB has summoned after searching late evening on Wednesday, is actually an Australian citizen and is an architect by profession and is involved in the project of several constructions of different companies in Mumbai.

According to the information, the NCB is still questioning him and his role in the drugs case is questionable. According to NCB sources, Pal is close to both the arrested liquor supplier Agiciulos Demetriades and actor Arjun Rampal. Asianet Online