Non-discrimination is an important part of society’s growth: Shruti Haasan

“One must realise that Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate. Hence, to see people discriminate is pointless and quite painful,” says Shruti Haasan. She believes that ostracising coronavirus positive patients is the root cause of most mental health disorders. She explains, “Anxiety, depression and suicide are very real problems. If you can drive someone towards them through discrimination, it needs to be addressed.”

She says that spreading awareness about doing the right thing is the need of the hour, which is why she decided to convey the message on her social media. She shares, “Discrimination is a form of bullying and harassment. And especially in a situation like this, it shouldn’t be encouraged by any means. Those who can see it happening in front of them should step in and change that mind-set.”

The actor-singer says that the vicious cycle of rumours is also to be blamed and verification of information is the first step towards eradicating ignorance. “A lot of people are being sucked into the vortex of fake news and conspiracies and there’s a sense of fear attached to this [being infected], which is very natural but that doesn’t mean that one should turn it into something negative,” she says.

Emphasising on the importance of non-discrimination against patients and healthcare staff, she says, “An important part of our society’s growth is to deal with Covid-19.” Haasan adds that education and acceptance are the best ways of dealing with the panic. “People should educate themselves by reading the correct articles and speaking to doctors. It’s important to realise that anyone can get it and we’re probably heading towards some sort of herd immunity. But we need to take precautions as we cannot keep everything closed forever,” she signs off. Desk: Asianet Online