'Padmavyoohathile Abhimanyu' to release in January

Padmavyoohathile Abhimanyu, a film based on the life of slain SFI activist Abhimanyu, will be releasing in the second week of January. Vineesh Aradhya directs the film from a story and script penned by himself.

“The film is not just about politics but also serves an important reminder for college students to realise and react against the instances of religious terrorism in campuses,” says Vineesh. “We don’t want to see another student experience the same fate.”

According to Vineesh, a few additional characters were added for dramatic effect. The cast comprises some familiar faces along with new ones. Abhimanyu is played by Akash Aryan, a journalism student from Wayanad, and the female lead is played by Shruti Menon, who is a model and Mrs Kerala runner-up. Indrans, Anoop Chandran and Sona Nair also feature in supporting roles.

“We believe we have done justice to Abhimanyu through this film. A sizeable portion from the profits will be set aside for fulfilling his dreams,” says Vineesh.

One major highlight of the film is the presence of SFI veteran Simon Britto, who plays a role along with his family.

Kozhikode, Ernakulam, and Vattavada were the main filming locations. Vattavada is the hometown of Abhimanyu. The crew was allowed to film in Abhimanyu’s house with the blessings and permission of his family. They also filmed at Maharaja’s College, Polytechnic College, and Kozhikode Arts and Science College.