'Pet Sematary' trailer released

A second look at Pet Sematary has been released by Paramount. Based on the book of the same name, the film adaptation is the latest in a series of Stephen King adaptations that have been released in the last couple of years.

While the King of horror’s books have been adapted since the 1970s, it appears as if it is only now that the Stephen King era has truly begun. Also, with improved CGI and visual effects technology in the modern era, his stories with their complex and scary monsters, environments and ambience are being done justice.

Pet Sematary boasts of a strong cast. Jason Clarke plays doctor Louis Creed, who moves to a countryside house with his wife and two kids. They discover that their new house is built near a pet cemetery (spelled as Sematary). The said pet cemetery was itself built on an ancient burial ground.

John Lithgow plays his neighbour Jud Crandall, who later becomes the doctor’s friend. He also knows a thing or two about the place… enough to stay away from it.

Among the two kids, one becomes a little too interested in the cemetery. When their pet dies and comes back, the child is happy. But as we know from horror fiction, when the dead come back, they are never the same. One of the children is also then run over by a speeding vehicle (there is a change from the  novel as to which child is killed, which I think does not really change anything).


Louis, grief-stricken, wants to bury the child in the cemetery so it can also come back. Not a good idea, but the things we do for love. The child returns as a demon and things, naturally, exacerbate.

The trailer promises that the film has recreated the novel’s creepy feeling pretty faithfully. This looks like a movie any King fan worth their salt would watch (just purely judging by the trailer).

My only complaint is that it reveals too much. The sense of horror in the novel is derived primarily from the perspective of a half-mad father grieving over his dead kid and wanting to resurrect him or her. It is a terrifying thought, but still understandable. After all, which parent would not like if their child would be alive once more? King did a great job with painting that perspective, as to what would happen if it was us in that father’s shoes. The trailer sadly spoils that.