Religion and science don't have to be divorced: Vidya

Science and religion can co-exist rather than being pitted against each other, says Vidya Balan about her character of a god-fearing ISRO scientist in 'Mission Mangal'.

The actor said a person can have multiple identities but there is a problem in the way being religious is interpreted today.

"I think there is a problem with the way religion is being interpreted today. I know a lot of people who are shying away from calling themselves religious and I am one of them. I have always felt like I don't want to say I'm religious. I always call myself spiritual," the actor told in an interview.

"Religious has become or obtained a negative connotation because being religious has become synonymous with being intolerant. But they don't have to be divorced," Vidya said adding that Tara Shinde, her character in the film, believes in a power beyond science.

The actor also spoke about the increase in "you versus me" debate, which she believes, has led to the dilution in the concept of "us".

"Not just in our country but world over, it is becoming 'you' vs 'me'. That feeling of 'us' has been diluted lately. I wonder why though? Does it have to do with fewer resources or access to fewer resources and therefore wanting to hold it and then finding groups to align it with religion or some language or region or race or something like that... I don't know," the actor said.