Shane Nigam- Joby george dispute resolved

Putting an end to the dispute, actor Shane Nigam and producer Joby George have finally settled their issues. The AMMA association and Producers Association sat with Shane and Joby to resolve the matter.

Following the meeting, Shane Nigam expressed that he will join the sets of 'Veyil' by November 16, however, Shane has decided not to work with Joby George's next, which was earlier planned. Joby George has also apologised to Shane for defamatory comments.

Addressing the media, Shane Nigam said that he was happy with the response and added that he never expected such a pleasant end to the controversy. Clarifying the reason behind making the issue public, especially on social media, Shane said that he was provoked because Joby phoned his manager and made defamatory comments on his mother. Shane also added he had difficulties with the team ever since he started shooting for 'Veyil', however, he is not planning to take this any further.

It all started with the producer of 'Veyil', Joby George, who already threatened Shane for a haircut the actor did for his another movie, 'Qurbani'. Following this, Shane Nigam posted a video about the issue and took the matter to the AMMA organisation too. Soon after this Joby George, the producer accused that Shane wasn’t cooperating for 'Veyil' and claimed that he had paid the actor Rs 30 lakh for16 days shoot schedule. Shane has now agreed to shoot the remaining portion of 'Veyil', soon after his current movie wraps.