Shane Nigam complains to AMMA against Joby George

The youngster has filed a complaint against Association of Malayalam Movie Actors (AMMA) against Joby George of Goodwill Entertainments alleging that the producer has verbally abused him in addition to threatening. In the formal complaint written to AMMA, Shane has clearly mentioned the circumstances that lead to such a dire situation.Shane went live on Facebook on Wednesday to share his woes with fans, and has also submitted a written complaint to the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes( AMMA) on the same.

Shane is currently acting simultaneously in two films – ‘Veyil’ produced by Joby George and Varnachithra’s ‘Qurbaani’. The actor has already completed a 16-day schedule of ‘Veyil’ with one look and was set to continue his work on the film in a month. He simultaneously started working on ‘Qurbaani’ for which his character demanded a haircut.

Joby George was miffed by this as he claims that the continuity of his film will be lost and that Shane got a haircut on purpose to delay his film. He then allegedly sent threatening messages to Shane. Few audio clips and voice recordings from the conversations between Joby George, Shane Nigam and Maha Subair of Varnachithra Films have leaked online and are spreading virally in social medias. In the clips, Joby George can be heard abusing and threatening both Shane and Subair.

Meanwhile, Joby George has written a note on his Facebook page that he was down with fever for the past one week and dismissed all the allegations made against him as fake.