Taron Egerton would be 'overjoyed' with Oscar nod

Taron Egerton says he would be over the moon if he receives an Academy Award nomination for his performance in Elton John biopic, 'Rocketman'.

The actor played the title role in the film, which was directed by Dexter Fletcher.

"I mean ... I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've not thought about it once. Other people have said it, so of course.

"My line about it is that I am the one person who can't comment on it, because it's my performance. It's not for me to decide or speculate as to whether it's worth of any accolades. I mean, it'd just be perverse. But I would be overjoyed. I have absolutely no gauge of whether it's remotely realistic," Egerton told British magazine 'GQ'.

However, the actor said he hopes to play as interesting characters as John in the future.

"I want to play a character that has as much dimension and nuance as the one I've just played, preferably with a filmmaker that I am champing at the bit to work with," he said.