Vaariyamkunnan's scriptwriter steps away from the project


If news reports are to be believed then, Vaariyamkunnan's scriptwriter Ramees has temporarily stepped away from the Prithviraj starrer. Prithvirajannounced this film in an elaborate post on his official Facebook account.

Now, the latest news reports are coming in that due to the scriptwriter's view on religious matters, he had decided to distance himself from the south film.

As per latest news reports, as soon as the technical team of the film, Vaariyamkunnan was announced, old Facebook post by Ramees on religious matter went viral.

News reports also state that Ramees has apologized for sharing those posts. As per media reports, Ramees issued an apology stating that he realised his mistake, and is apologizing for his hurtful Facebook posts.

The director of the southern drama, Vaariyamkunnan Aashiq Abu, also shared a post on Facebook stating that he does not agree with the views shared by Ramees in his social media posts.

Aashiq Abu further goes on to add that with respect to the allegations against the screenwriter, a formal explanation was indeed demanded from him.

According to news reports, Ramees states that he intends to prove his innocence, and in order to do that, he will stay away from the film. Prithviraj Sukumaran will be playing the lead in Vaariyamkunnan.

The film will reportedly revolve around the Malabar revolution. The actor cum director, Prithviraj Sukumaran will reportedly essay the role of Variyan Kunnathu Kunjahammed Haji. Asianet Online