‘Viswasam’ movie review

It is always a delight to witness Thala Ajith on the big screen and his film release is a celebration every single time. This time, the celebration is for Viswasam, which marks Ajith’s fourth time association with director Siva after working in three projects, Veeram, Vedalam and Vivegam. Here is our review on Ajith’s Viswasam, which also co-stars Nayanthara, Jagapathi Babu, Thambi Ramaiah, Yogi Babu, Robo Shankar, and others.

The final shot of Viswasam’s trailer suggests the one line of the film. Yes, Viswasam is all about a family man, Thooku Durai, who intends and promises to save his daughter and wife at all costs.from the negative forces. Did he win over the antagonist forms the rest of the story.

Ajith’s introduction scene sets up the route perfectly and the basement is rightly constructed.

The first half of the film is filled with the festive mood, which enlightens the overall ambience. Compared to the first half, the second half has a dip with few low points. The high moments that were seen in the trailer of the film become the high points in the film as well. The family emotions work neatly and it is not overdone. 

Ajith shines totally as Thooku Durai and his ‘alapparai’ is enjoyable throughout. The story takes place in two different places, Koduvilarpatti and Mumbai, and Ajith shows a good amount of variation with his acting. His Madurai dialect adds to the nativity and the authenticity. Ajith is seen at his casual best in the light hearted scenes. Whenever the screenplay faces a dip, Ajith comes as a saviour. Not to forget, Thala Ajith’s single take dance in the last bit of ‘Adchi Thooku’. The audience will definitely enjoy that portion.

Nayanthara looks dazzling on screen and she has a meaty role to perform who travels throughout. Baby Anikha emotes beautifully and her chemistry with Ajith works big time. The game play between Ajith and Anikha is an interesting watch. The entire set of comedians does a good job with their limited screentime.

On the downside, Viswasam not only has a very thin storyline, but also the treatment falls in a template and as a result, you end up predicting the upcoming scenes. A certain section of comedies doesn't bring out the intended laughter. As like other commercial mass entertainers, Viswasam also has the problem of having a weakly written villain. Had the antagonist had a stronger characterisation, the face off between Ajith and Jagapathi Babu could have been exciting. The reasoning behind the antagonist’s anger isn't completely satisfying.

D Imman’s pulsating background score elevates the intensity of the scene to a different level and his name in the crew is a valuable addition. The song placements have also fortunately worked in the favour of the movie. Vetri’s visuals are equally supportive of the film and enhances the stardom of Ajith. Kannaana Kanney song picturisation brings out the beautiful emotions between a father and a daughter. A few notable shots visually communicate the relationship between Ajith and his fans.

Director Siva is very clear with his intentions who puts forth an entertaining rural action drama filled with family emotions and other elements. He understands the pulse of the fans and the family audience and delivers a entertaining product. It wouldn’t be wrong if we label Viswasam as the best film, out of the four films from Ajith - Siva combination.

In a nutshell, Viswasam is packaged with right commercial elements to satisfy the family audience and Thala fans.