Amphibian species under threat in Western Ghats

Several frog species are facing extinction threats in the Western Ghats mainly due to habitat loss caused by various activities such as deforestation and forest destruction.

Over one-third of all known amphibian species were facing extinction threats and their populations were drastically declining mainly due to habitat loss caused by anthropogenic actives such deforestation and forest destruction, Prof SD Biju, University of Delhi, said.

Currently there are over 7800 species of amphibians found worldwide.

In terms of number of species, they are the third largest group of vertebrates, after fishes and birds, he said in a presentation at the recent Kerala Science Congress at Thlassery in Kannur district.

India is home to over 420 known species of amphibians and many of these are found no where else in the world, he said adding amphibians are the most threatened group of vertebrates in the world.

“The status of amphibians in India is also similar and so we need to document and conserve this unique amphibian diversity’, he said, adding, habitat loss is the major reason that is pushing several species towards extinction.