Cyclone death toll in Oman, Yemen rises to at least 13

The death toll from Cyclone 'Mekunu' that hit Oman and Yemen over the weekend rose to at least 13, authorities said, as relief workers and aid arrived to hard-hit areas in the two Arabian Peninsula countries.

Flooding and damage remains considerable after the cyclone, the strongest-ever recorded to hit southern Oman and the sultanate's third-largest city of Salalah.

The cyclone's remaining hazards are just as deadly days after its landfall early on Saturday on the coast of Oman.

The Royal Oman Police on Monday announced the death of two additional Omanis who lost control of their car in flood waters in Salalah.

Those deaths come after Oman's National Committee for Civil Defense earlier announced that four people had been killed.

The dead include a 12-year-old girl killed when the storm's strong winds flung open a metal door that struck her in the head.