Water crisis to intensify across India by 2050: UN report

A United Nations report has warned that the water crisis will be intensifying across India by 2050.

According to the 2018 edition of the ‘UN World Water Development Report’, the Central India is staring at deepening water scarcity, meaning withdrawal of 40% of the renewable surface water resources.

While ground water resources will face even greater pressure in north India, south and central India will experience high levels of risk from poor water quality in its river basins by 2050.

The report relies on a study done by the ‘International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’ for its estimations in future scenarios.

The report has said that the world should look to nature for better ways to maintain supplies of water, keep it clean, and protect people from droughts and floods.

As the global population expands and the planet warms, demand for water is rising, while the quality and reliability of our water supply is declining, the report has warned.