BJP set to form govt in M'shtra; storms to power in Haryana

Knocking out Congress from its bastions, the Modi wave placed BJP on the cusp of forming a government in Maharashtra with unexpected support from NCP while it stormed to power on its own in Haryana.

The assembly elections, seen as the first major test of Narendra Modi’s popularity since the Lok Sabha success, reflected the continued dominance of BJP in the two states, where he mounted an aggressive campaign.

In Haryana, the party got a majority on its own for the first time winning 47 of the 90 seats, up from a meagre four in the last elections. Congress, which ruled the state for ten years, was reduced to 15 from 40 seats. INLD came second with 19 seats.

The BJP also put up a remarkable show in Maharashtra, where it junked its oldest ally Shiv Sena over seat sharing, by bagging 122 seats in the 288-member Assembly, 23 short of majority figure of 145. It had won 47 in the last elections. Shiv Sena was left with 63 seats and could play no significant role with NCP (41 seats) offering unexpected and unconditional outside support to BJP to form the government.

The Congress, which headed the government, was reduced to 42 from 81 seats.