Books on PM Modi in demand in Varanasi: Booksellers

Amid election fever in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popularity in this holy city can be seen from streets to stands, with booksellers saying titles written on him are flying off the shelf ahead of the polls in his constituency.

Among the books doing well are "The Real Modi" and "Narendra Modi: Ek Sakaratmak Soch", according to booksellers in the temple town.

While the first one is an old paperback edition in Hindi, it is the second title that is catching the eyes of readers in the temple town.

Printed by publisher Apurva Shah of Ahmedabad, "Narendra Modi: Ek Sakaratmak Soch" is an unusual book as it is shaped like a cut-out put up during election rallies.

Amit Singh, proprietor of the nearly 50-year-old Universal Book Company, located near the famous Godowlia Chowk in the city, pointed to a row of standing miniature Modi cut-outs stacked on a bookshelf next to a Shiv Khera title.

"Those cut-outs are not poll merchandises, but actually a book published by Navrang Printers and people are lapping it up for its quirky design. This book and 'The Real Modi' are selling like hot cakes, or should I say hot chai," Amit told.

The book cover shows a image of Modi wearing a khadi kurta over a churidar pyjama and the content is printed bilingually, one side completely in English and the other side in Hindi.