Karnataka verdict shows BJP's growing dominance

The BJP may have fallen short of the majority mark in Karnataka, but its emergence as the single largest party leaving the Congress far behind has reaffirmed its dominant position on the country's political map.

However, with both the Congress-JD(S) combine and the BJP deciding to stake claim before the Governor to form the government, it was not clear if Karnataka would become the latest state to fall in the saffron kitty.

The Election Commission's website showed that the BJP had won in 104 seats of the 222 constituencies where the polls were held, while the Congress' tally was reduced to 78.

The BJP had won only 40 seats in 2013.

The JD(S) had won in 37 seats.

The BJP and its allies were already in power in 20 of the country's 29 states, with the party enjoying a majority on its own in 16 of them.