Satchidanandan quits Sahitya Akademi posts

Eminent poet and writer K Satchidanandan resigned from all committees of the Sahitya Akademi, saying the literary body had “failed” in its duty to stand with writers and uphold freedom of expression.

Satchidanandan was serving in the General Council, Executive Board and Financial Committee of the Akademi.

“I am sorry to observe that the Akademi has failed in its duty to stand with the writers and to uphold the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution that seems to be getting violated everyday in the country,” the writer said.

A pioneer of modern poetry in Malayalam, Satchidanandan has always upheld secular views and supported causes like environment and human rights.

“I had written to the Akademi when M.M Kalburgi was killed earlier. They had held condolences in Bangalore but they should have done something nationally. There was no response to my request to pass a resolution,” Satchidanandan told. The cold blooded killing of rationalist Kalburgi’s had rattled Karnataka’s literary community.

Satchidanandan, the poet who writes in English and Malayalam feels, that the Akademi showed hardly any response towards the loss.

“Holding a ritual condolence meeting in a regional office, as the Akademi seems to have done, is hardly an adequate response to the recent attacks on the freedom of expression followed by a series of murders of independent thinkers in different parts of the country,” Satchidanandan said.