Shiv Sena slams Sharad Pawar over snap poll remarks

The Shiv Sena hit out at NCP chief Sharad Pawar after he asked his party to be ready for snap poll, saying he “is known for playing politics of distrust” and was trying to take advantage of the current instability.

Though NCP declared unconditional outside support to the minority BJP government, the day Assembly poll threw up a hung verdict, party chief Sharad Pawar said that the state government’s stability was not NCP’s responsibility and asked party workers to be ready to face a snap poll.

“Sharad Pawar is taking advantage of this unstable government, but the Shiv Sena will stand firmly. Let Pawar do whatever he wishes to. The Sena is fulfilling its role as an Opposition party honestly and with utmost sincerity,” an editorial in Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said. The Sena alleged that Pawar “is known for playing politics of distrust”, which is why he first gave support to the BJP and is now apparently threatening to withdraw it.

“Pawar thinks he can play politics as he wishes to and turn the political situation upside down. He wants to keep the future of the new government in his hands with 41 MLAs he has. Unstable government is the foundation of his politics. But the picture he has presented of the current political situation is laughable,” the Sena said. Pawar’s words should not be taken seriously as he has a habit of saying something and doing something else, it said. “He has the habit of creating an air of confusion and then gaining politically from it. This is his politics of survival,” the editorial said.

BJP has 121 MLAs in the Assembly having an effective strength of 287. With the backing of 41-member NCP, it had a comfortable majority. However, if NCP decides to withdraw support, it will be well short of the magic figure of 144 despite the backing of seven independents and some from smaller parties.