Spiritual guru Bhayyu Maharaj commits suicide

Spiritual guru Bhaiyyu Maharaj, who had refused to accept ministerial rank granted by the Madhya Pradesh government over two months back, allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in Indore, police said.

"Bhaiyyu Maharaj has committed suicide by shooting himself," Indore's Deputy Inspector General (DIG) H.C Mishra said.

He shot himself at his home, Mishra said.

Bhaiyyu Maharaj, whose original name was Uday Singh Deshmukh, was one of the five 'saints' to whom the Shivraj Singh government of Madhya Pradesh had granted Minister of State (MoS) rank in April.

However, he had refused to accept it, saying "a post holds no importance for a saint".

Prior to becoming the spiritual guru, he had done a modelling stint, his disciples said.

He enjoyed a large following among politicians and film stars.