Awesome Ways To Add Flaxseeds To Your Diet For Weight Loss

Flaxseeds have been considered as one of the healthiest foods all across the globe and hence it is important to know the health benefits of this healthy seed. Flaxseeds are also known as alsi in Hindi and are extremely beneficial for the human body. Apart from treating several health problems, these seeds have proved to be effective in dealing with overweight issues.These humble looking seeds can help to deal with underweight or overweight issues which are generally due to the bad metabolism function of the body or a poor diet. While flaxseeds are beneficial for everyone, it is especially known for its property to melt down the extra fats from the body.

1.Add it to milk: Flaxseeds contain a lot of fibre which helps to boost the metabolism of the body and also aids in weight loss. In order to include flaxseeds in your daily diet, you can sprinkle the powder over a cereal or milk for a little crunch and taste. If not powder, you can add flaxseeds directly to the milk and consume it raw.

2.Yogurt: Take some flaxseeds and roast them for 5-7 minutes. Now grind them to make a fine powder and add them to yogurt. Mix properly and have the yogurt every day before going to bed. Consuming flaxseeds mixed with yogurt at night can help to speed up the digestion process of a person.

3.To Smoothies: Grind a few flaxseeds in a grinder and make a fine powder of it. Now add it to smoothies and drink it. However, if you are wondering about the taste of flaxseeds, let me tell you that flaxseeds are tasteless but it can surely add a lot of protein to your drink. So, drink it whenever possible.

4.As An Egg Substitute: Take some flaxseeds and make a fine powder of it. Now add this powder to water and allow the water to stand for some time. Once this acquires a gelatinous consistency, you can use this as a substitute for eggs in baked items. Many believe in baking cakes and cookies with flaxseed gelatin.

5.Add It To Your Batter: You can add flaxseed powder to the batter of rotis, cookies, bread or pancakes. Although this is a tasteless ingredient, you can surely enjoy the benefits of these brown seeds. It is good to sprinkle some flaxseeds on your dal or salad.

6.Add It To Chicken Or Starters: If you love having roasted chicken or prawns, you can add some flaxseed powder to it. It is basically tasteless and hence you can add it to any food item to enjoy the benefits of it. Make sure you add the flaxseed powder to the batter of the food and then allow it to roast for some time.

These are the ways to add flaxseeds to your diet to lose weight.