Benefits Of Cardio Exercises In Burning Fat

Running is a great way of burning off the extra fat in your body. But a lot of people don't like to run because it takes a long time to reap its fat-burning benefits.So if you happen to be one of them, then read on. Because in this article I am going to reveal the 5 cardio exercises that burn fat faster and more effectively than running in just under 10 minutes a day.

Benefits of cardio exercises in burning fat are:

1.Burpees:  The moves are simple. Step 1: Squat. Step 2: Touch your hands to the floor in front of your feet and then jump back until you are in the plank position. Step 3: Jump forward until your feet are in line with your hands and then jump up. This sequence of moves needs to be done fast in one smooth motion, which makes it one rep. Do 10 reps in 1 minute (at least try) and you are done for the day.

2.Kettlebell Swing: To do this, you need to do a wide squat with the kettlebell hanging from your grasp down the center of your body, and then swing it up until it is in line with your eyes. Not only does this explosive exercise tax your quads and gluts, it also requires balance and coordination, and is, therefore, a great exercise for boosting your metabolism.

3.Skipping Rope: Skipping 100 - 120 times in 1 minute burns around 13 calories. And adding on variations and skipping drills increases this count.

4.Tabata Jump Squats: Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training. In this, you do 8 rounds of every exercise, wherein each round is done for 20 seconds with a rest period of 10 seconds between rounds. That means in just 4 minutes you can burn a lot of calories. To do the Tabata jump squat routine, you just need to squat, jump up, and then return to the squatting position, before you repeat the whole thing.

5.Indoor Rowing: Rowing for half an hour is way better than running for the same duration of time. In fact, according to a study done by the Harvard University, a 185 pounds man (83 kg) can burn roughly 377 calories with just 30 minutes of high-powered rowing.

It depends upon you totally. If you go to the gym, doing the kettlebell swing and indoor rowing can be easy for you. But if you don't, start with burpees and skipping, and then you can move on to the Tabata jump squats once your body is used to working out regularly.