Important Benefits Of Cycling You Must Know

1. Cycling is beneficial for movement

Research has shown that post menopausal women are less likely to develop coronary diseases. But this is compensated for by the fact that they are more likely to develop peripheral circulatory abnormalities, like swelling of limbs, etc. Cycling helps improve blood and lymph circulation thus helping in preventing these complications.

2. Cycling is beneficial for lumbar or spinal problems

Cycling is a great exercise for women suffering from bad posture or excessive weight. Even though cycling focuses more on training the limbs and feet, it can also have some effect on the upper portion of the body, especially the shoulders and lumbar area. This is most pronounced when pedaling on an irregular terrain.

3. Cycling is beneficial for pregnancy

Pregnancy brings along with it body pain, back pain, stiffness of joints, etc. These can be relieved to some extent by regular cycling. It can also lower risk of high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, etc. Cycling is a low impact exercise that strengthens joints and cartilage. It also strengthens the spine and helps build stamina. This can be very useful for the process of labor and child birth.

4. Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness

Cycling is a superb cardiovascular workout. It strengthens the heart. This improves blood circulation and reduces the fat levels in the blood. Did you know that even a 30 minute ride on the bicycle meets the American Heart Association’s healthy heart requirements So pedal away for improved cardiovascular fitness.

5. Cycling is a low-impact activity

Bicycling is a low-impact aerobic workout. Let me explain this in plain English. Bicycling is virtually a no-contact sport/activity which increases the heart rate and stimulates flow of oxygen in your body. So there are no tackles you need to watch out for, no shoulder pushes, no sprints to the ball, and most importantly – no pressure! Whether you are bicycling to work or for fun, you are at ease.

6. Cycling provides exposure to sunlight

Experts believe that 15 minutes of sunshine helps generate vitamin D which can prevent osteoporosis – it’s good for your bones.commute started in my driveway and ended in the basement parking lot in downtown. Back from there, to my driveway. Most days I had virtually no exposure to direct sunlight except some rare moments near the photocopier near the office window. As unbelievable as it sounds, many of us are tied down to our mundane routines and sunlight becomes a luxury.

7. Cycling tones your body

 All the muscles in your body get a thorough workout when you cycle. It is a great way to get back in shape and have those crisp tones to your body shape. I’ll tell you, the way my body has transformed ever since I’ve started riding my cycle to work .

8. Cycling reduces stress

Such times are your moments of solace and we all need time alone to hold back and catch up on life. I find cycling such a massive stress buster. Good mental health plays a very vital role in your life. Add the spark to yours by making bicycling a part of your routine.

9. Cycling helps you manage body weight

Manage all that and more with cycling. We have already talked about how riding the bike allows you to work out most muscles of your body. This is a great way to burn those fat cells and control your body weight. The best part is you can do this on your way to work or on your way to a friend’s place. It’s just too easy!

10. Gym, without a gym

Believe me, the outdoors are much more fun than being held up inside glass walls. When you ride your bike, you are strengthening your muscles, skeletal system, spine, joints, blood circulation, stamina and your immune system. If you are a gym freak, you’ve probably been doing various different exercises to address all of these separately. Be wise and stop spending all that money. Start bicycling and do all that – free of cost.

11. Eco-friendly

Cars, trams, buses, trains and all other traditional modes of transport cause heavy air pollution, noise pollution and leave massive carbon footprints. I don’t even want to think of the damage we are doing to the earth. Cycling has virtually no carbon footprint. It does not need fuel, nor does it emit any poisonous gases.

Phone Etiquette Tips

1. When you call, don’t wait for the person to ask who you are

It is always best to identify who you are when you make the call. It helps to keep the calls shorter and you can also get the reply you expect. When you are in an office, and attending the common phone, always mention your department along with your name. 

2. Hay is not a greeting

Say hello when you answer or when you call. Yeah or yes or hey is just plain rude, especially when you do not know who is calling. A plain help or a help followed by your name is the best way to answer a phone or start a telephonic conversation

3. Mention the name of the person you are calling

If you are calling to ask for someone, mention the name of the person in your introductory line. You can say I am Jane calling to speak with Sinead. It’s easier when you also mention the department your friend or the person you are calling is working for.

4. Don’t be too loud

When on mobile phones and talking while walking, people forget that they are not in their homes anymore. They discuss private matters and other stuff quite loudly on their phones. Other people in the train or in the park won’t take kindly to the intrusion into their space. It is always best to have a soft tone while you are on the phone.

5. Think of what you are going to say before you call

This way you can say whatever you want to say without any interruption and you can also put across your thoughts clearly without any fumbling around or mumbling to gain time and collect your thoughts. Also you can stop talking unwanted stuff.

6. Keep interruptions away

You would not want to be put on hold or be a part of a parallel conversation. The person you are speaking to will also feel the same way. So keep interruptions to a minimum when you are on the phone. Do not pick up other calls, keep little children quiet and turn the volume down on the TV before answering the call.