Benefits Of Stretching Exercises

One of the simplest and easiest exercise forms which keeps our bodies supple and flexible is stretching exercise. This cardiovascular exercise even helps in weight management and is a great option for maintaining a healthy heart. Stretching exercises which help to revitalize and refresh our muscles help in preserving our youthfulness by retarding the ageing process.As we grow older our body loses its natural flexibility and the muscles become very taut and rigid. As rigidity sets in, we experience difficulty over a range of body movements which had come so naturally and easily to us in our youth. Poor flexibility levels can even affect our circulatory system. This in turn can give rise to multiple health complications.

Stretching is a natural and unconscious activity performed by animals and humans alike after long periods of inactivity. Stretching helps to ease muscular rigidity and alleviate cramps.A part of physical fitness, stretching exercise comprises of specific body movements which target specific skeletal muscles of the body. Stretching exercises if performed in the proper manner can help to improve flexibility levels and strengthen the muscles of the body. However, executing stretching exercises in an incorrect manner can unleash multiple health complications. Stretching exercises offer a range of health benefits. Here are some benefits of having stretchig exercise.

Benefits Of Stretching Exercises are:

1.Reduces Back Pain:Stretching exercises are particularly beneficial for women who often complain of lower back pain. Tightness in muscles located along the hips, buttocks and back, can often cause excruciating pain in these regions. Stretching exercises helps to ease muscular tension and this in turn reduces soreness and pain which arises in the areas along the hip, buttocks and lower back.

2.Improves Cardiovascular Health:Detailed medical research has revealed that one of the best ways to maintain a healthy heart is by performing cardiovascular exercises like stretching exercise regularly. This exercise form also aids in lowering blood pressure readings and helps to improve artery function as well.Stretching exercises also helps in enhancing bone mineral density levels. Performing stretching exercises regularly can keep joints healthy and strong.

3.Improved Flexibility Levels:Stretching exercises help to lengthen the individual muscles of the body. This exercise form also prevents cramping, which again can hamper normal body movements. Improved flexibility levels brought on by stretching exercise can also help in reducing incidence of painful ligament sprains and muscular strains.

4.Improves Circulation:Stretching exercises helps in boosting blood circulation. Improved blood circulation means better nourishment for the muscles and improved elimination of waste by products. People who suffer from muscular and joint injuries are able to heal faster when their circulatory system in functioning at optimal levels.

5.Better Posture:Stretching exercise can help to improve a person’s posture. Poor posture can lead to many health problems. People who tend to spend long periods of time sitting in one position are more likely to suffer from posture related problems.Stretching exercises helps to maintain spinal alignment, and eases pressure which buildups up between spinal discs.

These are some benefits of stretching exercise.