Best Exercises To Increase Your Height

Exercise is the first and foremost step that aids you in gaining some extra height. To increase your height you need to stretch your spine, neck and leg muscles and that can be easily achieved by simple stretching exercises

Exercises For Increasing Your Height 

1. Hanging 

Using your hands as a support, hang your body down. This helps in stretching out your muscles, thereby promoting towards increasing your height

2. Jogging 

One of the most important exercises for increasing your height, jogging help in making your legs longer. It is best effective when done immediately after hitting puberty, but can be carried out at any point in your life

3. Skipping 

Both fun and beneficial, skipping helps in increasing your height because it involves jumping. Jumping while skipping a rope strengthens your legs and makes them longer; ultimately helping you become tall

4. Vertical bends 

Practicing this exercise help in making the muscles in your calf area to expand. Vertical bounds, as the name suggests, expand the muscles in a vertical direction - thereby making you taller.

5. Toe lifts 

This exercise is very easy to be done. When you apply force on your toes and reach up, the muscles in your hands, as well as your legs, get elongated

6. Legs up 

One of the easiest ways to increase your height is by raising your legs. When doing the legs up exercise, your legs go through a strenuous process of stretching - causing the increase in height.

7. Jump squats 

Doing this exercise help condition your muscles and joints of the lower body, which in turn, help improve your height

8. Side planks 

This exercise helps in stretching out your leg muscles, like most another exercise that are effective for increasing your height. It also helps make your legs stronger and thinner