Best Exercises for Thighs

1. Squat

We have said it, and we say it again! Squat really are one of the best exercises for thighs . All you have to do is stand on firm ground with your legs slightly apart and then get into a sitting position. Stay in that position for some time and then get up. The more number of times you do this, the better.

b.A slight variation to this can be achieved with a ball. Keep a ball between your back and the ball. Now squat along with the ball, don’t let it fall!

c.Another variation of this can be done by jumping up and down when you are in semi-squat position. Use your butt and thighs to jump to a good height and then land softly and safely back on the ground.

2.Leg Circle

Leg circle is certainly one of the simplest and most effective exercises for thighs.

a.Lay down on a mat and lie flat on it. Keep your arms by your sides and place your palms on the ground.

b.Raise your right leg slowly and point towards the ceiling as if you want to touch it.

c.Rotate your right leg in outward direction.

d.Now, with this leg trace a circle on the ceiling. Do not move your hips or lift them off the floor.

e.You can trace 4 to 5 circles in clock-wise direction and then 4-5 circles in counter-clock direction and then put your leg down.

f.Repeat the above steps for the left leg.

3.The Kick

Oh, yes, all you have to do is kick to get rid of that excess fat in your thighs. Well, slightly more than just kicking. But, it really is worth it!

a.Stand firm on the ground and look straight.

b.Balance yourself on your left foot and kick the right foot behind you. Try to keep the bend in your knee to the bare minimum.

c.Now bend forward but push out your hips and back. Don’t bend your back, though keep it flat!

d.Next, bend down and touch the foot that is on the ground while simultaneously kicking the other leg further behind. You may feel a stretch in your hamstrings, which means that the exercise is working!

e.Now, as you get back to the standing position, squeeze your butt muscle hard. You can do this 12-15 times an then switch legs.