Best Exercises & Stretches To Strengthen Your Lats

Working out these muscles help in developing the lats, which thereby help in giving your body a healthy proportion and the strength to carry out physical activities. These muscles connect the spine to the arms and help stabilise your whole upper back. The lats are responsible for keeping your back upright and also prevent slouching.

1. Lat pulldowns using exercise bands 

This exercise is similar to that of lat pulldowns using a machine. But, lat pulldowns using a band can be done in the comfort of your home. Doing this exercise can help strengthen your latissimus dorsi without tiring your biceps or triceps

2. Chin-ups 

Also termed as pull-ups, this exercise can be a bit difficult. However, it is one of the most effective and beneficial exercises for your latissimus dorsi. Regularly doing chin-ups can help build your upper body strength. There is another variation for the exercise which involves placing a chair or bench underneath and using it to pull yourself up

3. Seated rows 

Like lat pulldowns, this exercise can also be done using a machine. Seated rows involve your lats to move in a rowing movement, working your lats in a different way. The force applied to the bands works your back muscles, improving your score strength

4. Dumbbell one-arm rows 

Effective in strengthening your core and your shoulder muscles, doing this exercise is extremely beneficial for your latissimus dorsi

5. Superman lift 

Also termed as laying trunk lifts, this exercise help improve your core strength as well as strengthen your lats